You can insert your best sexist joke about women and shoes right here but as a race fan this aint funny. Some jackwagon in Montreal thought it would be great fun to throw a shoe on to the race track. Now that might be funny on Johnston Street or Camelia Boulevard but when cars are traveling in excess of 150mph hitting anything isn't funny.

As it turns out this act of juvenile delinquency probably cost Danica Patrick a really good chance to win a NASCAR Nationwide Series race. Danica was leading the field when she hit the shoe and the car and the driver were never the same after the incident.

I believe the shoe actually broke part of the race car. If you don't think a shoe can do that much damage let me throw one at you at over 100 mph and we will talk after you get out of the emergency room.

It's a shame for Danica who drives for Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s JR Motorsports. She really has taken to stock cars since leaving the open wheel series last year. I have been one of her harshest critics but I am very close to becoming one of her biggest fans. Danica Patrick will start winning races, mark my words she is a force to be reckoned with.

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