Small Business Saturday, it has not gotten the kind of attention that Black Friday receives but it's growing in popularity. The idea behind the movement was to encourage and remind consumers that while the big stores might have flashy deals and door buster bargains, there are still some great deals and unique one of kind items that can only be found at small local businesses.

Since  most people value the unique nature of the community in which they live, the idea of supporting a local business is widely embraced. Spokesperson for the National Federation of Independent Businesses in Louisiana, Todd Pack told the Louisiana Radio Network,

89% say that Small Business Saturday encourages them to shop small all year long, not just during the holiday season and that’s really the point of Small Business Saturday.

That figure came from The Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey. That same survey indicated that  63% of shoppers are willing to spend a little more on an item if it comes from a locally owned business.

Local business owners are certainly hopeful that the survey is a true reflection consumer attitudes toward shopping small this holiday season.

It’s a chance for them to shine, you’ll see small businesses will have a lot of door busters and special deals on Small Business Saturday just like the big stores.

It is estimated that a small locally owned business returns $48 to the community for every $100 spent. That return comes in the form of taxes, fees, salaries, and the like. We encourage you to shop at the businesses that make your town unique.


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