Early on in the coronavirus pandemic, health experts were encouraging folks not to buy up all the face masks so healthcare workers could have access to the precious commodity.

There was also much debate as to the effectiveness of the masks.

While the debate seems to be ongoing, it has been recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that even seemingly healthy people wear masks when venturing outside of their homes.

As a result, many people have gone the homemade mask route due to the scarce availability of surgical masks.

We hit up our Facebook looking for pictures of you in your mask and we got some pretty good ones in. Check out the photos below and send in your picture so we can add to the gallery. (Email jude@973thedawg.com or message it to us via Facebook or the 97.3 The Dawg mobile app.)

[To read more about the effectiveness of wearing face masks, check out this article.]

Homemade Masks of Acadiana

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