You won't do it but you should. You should text or tweet at Daniel Phillips, Eric Zernich, and Rob Perillo at KATC TV. You should tell them, "Great job on the weather forecast". They absolutely nailed the prognostication of what we in South Louisiana were about to experience from Mother Nature late yesterday and into the evening hours.

They told us we'd have storms, some of them severe, they were right. They told us the rain would last into the early morning hours of Thursday and they were right. They told us that it was going to get cold and again and if you don't, believe me, you can stick your head out the door and you'll find out they were right again.

Here's what the TV 3 Weather lads are telling us for today. The rain that is falling on your rooftop should come to an end around sunrise. Of course, the further to the west you are the earlier the rain will cease.

Once the rain comes to an end later this morning the day should remain cloudy, cold, and gray. It's almost like it's going to be a picture postcard of what a winter day should look like.

Later this afternoon there will likely be a few breaks in the clouds before sunset. So, you could be needing your sunglasses for the ride home again its a lot more likely scenario the further to the west you live.

Chances are you'll need a jacket today too. The afternoon high temperature will struggle to reach 50 degrees today. You know that's going to feel cold considering it was 70 degrees or warmer for most of yesterday. Oh yeah, the wind is going to be gusting out of the north too. That will make it feel much colder.

Friday should be mostly sunny but cool with a high in the lower 60s. The weekend does hold a slight risk of a shower, generally less than 20%, for both Saturday and Sunday and temperatures will moderate into the 70s.

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