Tuesday started rather bleak across South Louisiana. For a lot of people heading out of the house after a long holiday weekend was complicated by some pretty heavy rainfall. The Lafayette area received about an inch and a half of rain in yesterday morning's storms.

Today the forecast looks to be a bit better. In fact, the early morning radar scan is not nearly as busy as it was yesterday. We're really close to getting into our typical Summer weather pattern of warm humid days that could spark afternoon and early evening showers and thunderstorms. However, we do have a bit of a catalyst close by that is the reason for the enhanced chance of rain.

A cold front entered northwestern Louisiana yesterday and promptly stalled out. The close proximity of this weather feature is adding to instability in the atmosphere over the rest of the state.

For the most part, the daytime hours will bring off and on again showers during the day today.You might hear a rumble of thunder but no severe weather is anticipated. Yesterday we did see severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings with some of the morning storms but the damage, if there was any, was very minimal.

We won't be out from under the clouds for a while. In fact, it could be sometime next week before we have a daily forecast free of rain chances. Thursday and Friday will have a significant threat of downpours with another 1-3 inches of rain likely across most of the area.

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