I get excited when I see new "As Seen on TV" products and this one has me shouting SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! It's for a new product called the GoGo Pillow.

The GoGo Pillow allows those of us that are fat lap challenged to use our iPad or tablet devices while sitting down. I think the concept is pretty neat personally. The pillow is unlike an ordinary tablet stand. It conforms to the surface it is placed on. This means the user can plop the GoGo pillow down on his lap, an arm chair, a co-worker or the hood of a car and still maintain great visibility.

You might be laughing at this product and saying to yourself, "Why would anyone buy that?". Let me remind you of the Snuggie and the Chia Pet, Americans will buy anything and I will be one American that will proudly own the GoGo Pillow.