Do you remember Silly Putty? I am not exactly sure how we were supposed to use it but I know as kids we used it a lot. I had loads of fun pressing the gooey stuff on the comic pages of our hometown newspaper and then peeling off a mirror image that was now imprinted on the putty.

It's hard to believe that a goo like substance that is similar to Silly Putty could some day be saving me money on tire repair, alignment and making our streets a lot safer. No, it won't be actual Silly Putty they put in the potholes but a substance very similar in its make up. These Non-Newtonian fluids as they are called were the hit of high school science class. You've probably seen the demonstrations a gooey like substance flows like water but when you step on it or hit it, it suddenly becomes a solid.

Silly Putty was actually created to be a substitute for rubber during World War II. Obviously it never worked out in that capacity but like so many other great ideas that were the result of a happy accident an iconic toy was born.

Now the science behind that iconic toy could be making your ride to work and school a little smoother.I don't know exactly how the science works but if it means no more potholes I am for it. I think it would also be kind of cool to have all of the potholes filled with a substance the color of raw pork. It would make avoiding the

Where is the first place you'd like to "putty up" a pothole? Chances are you have several places in mind. Why don't you drop us a note with where those terrible teeth chattering potholes are. We will gladly send your suggestions to those in charge of mending our roads and highways.

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