So this is what your life has come down to? You're now looking for life advice from a radio station website. You listen to this station right? Do you think these guys have it together any better than  you?

They do actually. The people you turn on your radio everyday are always looking for a way to  make you smile. So take heed and remember I am a trained professional.

I'm always on the look out for ways to improve my outlook so I can wake you up and help you improve yours. Here are a couple of really simple and I must admit, surprising ways to make your day better in less than 5 minutes.


Make Your Bed- Get that "What you talkin about Willis" look off your face. Making your bed doesn't make you a neat freak it establishes order early in your day. When you walk back into the bedroom and the bed is made you will feel a lot better. Your mind will absorb the atmosphere of being in a calm and orderly place. Give it a try, it really works. Even if you just straighten the comforter it will make a difference.

Stretch- Right after you get the bed made reach as high as you can and hold it for a few seconds. Then bend down and reach for those toes. This is where I usually pass gas. Can you feel the blood flowing through your body? Extend your arms out to the side and do some twists like you're a helicopter. Your brain and your body need the blood moving. The muscles need to feel the neurons firing and all of this action without breaking a sweat makes it happen.

Be Grateful- As I am driving to work each day I say the following phrase, "I am so happy and grateful now that...." You get to fill in the blank! If it's your family, your job, your heater in your car, or that radio station you are listening too, it's all good. Being grateful reminds us of our blessings. If you are wanting more blessings in your life, be grateful for the ones you already have. If you aren't doing this little exercise already you need to. This is a life changer as well as a day changer.

Turn Up The Tunes- I know we are supposed to be all calm and quiet in the mornings but when did we ever do what we were supposed to. Crank up the volume. Singing and moving to the music gets your mind and your body moving. As we discussed in our Stretching segment a few paragraphs up, it is all good.

Sniff A Lemon- Why do you think so many household products have a lemon scent? The smell of lemon gets our juices flowing in several different ways. Actually there is a substance in lemons, linalool, that calms the brains fight or flight stress response. If we lose the stress our day gets better. That's why you should be making lemonade when life hands you the lemons.

I hope these really simple suggestion can ease the pain of not having all that money from the Powerball. You really didn't need it anyway. Money is simply transportation, it gets you where you want to go, granted the more of it you have the faster you can get there but you won't arrive any happier until you figure out how to live a happy life within your own skin.