File this story under "only in Louisiana".

Most of us have heard about the sinkhole last week on Canal St in New Orleans. One group wants to turn that negative into something fun by throwing a party in its honor.

"Come out to the first ever Sinkhole de Mayo. Celebrate another 'Catastrophic Failure' the best way we know how: dancing, drinking, and general revelry. Bring your instruments, sombreros and margaritas, bring your traffic cone pinatas, and your makeshift maracas," a post on the Facebook Sinkhole de Mayo event page said.

The event is scheduled for 4pm on Thursday at "Sinkhole and Canal St."

But hold what you got, there could be some issues.

"As this has obviously gone far more viral beyond a few friends joking around, there are safety issues we're facing," Chrissy Gross wrote. "The ground around our friend 'Sinky' isn't too stable and the city is (rightfully) concerned about 1000 people hangin' out on it. We're trying to figure out a safer place still close to Sinky that we can meet up. Keep an eye on here and we'll keep y'all posted."

According to event co-organizer Carson Rapose, the group does not have a permit for the party and he has no idea what to expect from the event.

But by 4pm on Tuesday, more than 800 people RSVP'd for the party and another 2,000 said they were interested in going.

Gross would announce late Tuesday afternoon that Sinkhole de Mayo would be held at Woldenberg Riverfront Park by the entrance to the Aquarium of the Americas (a safe distance from the sinkhole).

By the way, city officials have said the sinkhole could take up to six months and $5 million to repair.