When you put your foot on the floor you expect the ground to be there. When you drive your car you expect the road to stay under your wheels. Most of the time those expectations ring true, however, there are cases where the ground literally sinks beneath your feet. We call those sinkholes.

A sinkhole of modest proportions has developed on Louisiana Highway 91( Maple Street) in the city of Eunice. The sinkhole is located between 3rd and 4th streets. Local officials along with Louisiana DOTD have closed that section of the roadway until repairs can be made.

City officials estimate that affected roadway serves 10-thousand motorists each day. So each of those drivers is going to have to choose an alternate route. The timetable for repair of the roadway is uncertain at this point. Although city officials and Department of Transportation and Development officials are currently working on solving the problem as soon as possible.

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