It seems that in recent days, if you asked Siri "How Old is the President?" she would give you Kamala Harris' birthday information.

Are Siri's answer videos just an internet hoax?

It doesn't seem like it, although when I asked the question to Siri today I got the right answer.

Multiple videos have been flooding social media over the past few days showing users asking "How Old is The President?" and Siri responding  "Kamala Harris was born 56 years ago, on Tuesday, October 20, 1964."

What do the people at Apple know that we don't? Is the whole "Biden will step down in six months and Kamala Harris will take over as President" conspiracy true? Probably not, but everything is a "crazy conspiracy"...until it's not. Obviously this created quite a stir around the internet. Even TV reporter Dan Noyes from ABC7 News in San Francisco posted a video of the "Glitch". From"While much of the content appeared to be shared by conservative-leaning accounts, San Francisco based ABC7 investigative reporter Dan Noyes also took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the alleged error."

It seems the error has been corrected because now if you ask Siri "How Old is the President?" she will give you President Trump's birthday information.

Was it merely a simple glitch in information as Apple was adding it for the upcoming Inauguration, or is it something more?

The world may never know...

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