Often on Monday mornings, I need a little boost to get me over the edge and into the day. The weekend is gone and the work week, all of it is staring me right in the face. That's when I look to the Internet for levity. This time I found it in an article published on Buzzfeed. They have 22 different dog tweets in their story but I narrowed my faves down to just six.

These two good boys just being good boys. Sometimes it's nice to know you've got a friend to hold on to.

Then there is this little buddy that appears to have discovered where they keep the dinosaur bones and he is making a break for the car.

Then there is this fellow who is the dogification, like personification, of I don't want to go to work today.

No matter what your job, even if it is to protect and serve, you can always inject a little humor into the day to help people smile a little more.

For that time during your workday when all you want to feel is refreshed. I don't think a coffee break will do you nearly as good as what this good boy discovered.

And finally, this good boy who is demonstrating the art of relaxation with the ultimate attitude of cool. I don't think he'll be fetching anything for the next few minutes. You can just keep that ball to yourself.


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