A Reddit user (who claims to be a sleep doctor) gave great advice when he responded to a post about someone having trouble going to sleep each night.

The original post was titled "How to avoid having a midlife crisis every time I try go to bed." The Reddit user complains about his brain going into overdrive as soon as his head hits the pillow, and was looking for ways to improve his sleep.

The doctor responded with a few simple, but supposedly effective methods to alleviate the "brain overdrive" condition.  He explained that the possible reason one's brain starts thinking about everything under the sun as soon as it hits the pillow is that we don't allow for thinking throughout the day.  From television to cell phones to computer to games to radio to whatever else we use to take our minds off of things, there are too many distractions to our day, and not enough time to simply think.

Some of the suggestions included meditation, keeping a diary, working out/running without headphones/distractions, and even just speaking with a close friend or counselor about things that are bothering you.

Interesting (and hopefully effective) advice for someone who can't get to sleep at night!