Yesterday, we told you about the witch from New Orleans who was taking bones and body parts from a cemetery and trying to sell them on Facebook. Today, the news gets even more macabre as Slidell police have found human and animal remains inside of a man's house.

This past Tuesday, police received a tip about suspicious activity concerning 31-year-old Slidell man Joshua Roques. When police arrived at the man's home, they made a shocking discovery. Inside of Roques home Slidell police found human skulls, human bones, animal bones and dried blood.

Police said remains were discovered inside of a large cast iron bowl that they believe were used for "ritualistic materials"

An arrest warrant has been issued for Joshua Roques on the following charges:

- Interring or cremating human remains

- Unlawful disposal of remains

- Opening graves; stealing body

- Mutilating, disinterring human remains

- Possession of cocaine

- Possession of drug paraphernalia

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