When it comes to holiday shopping we humans are an enigma wrapped in mystery. That means we are just as confusing no matter which side of the equation you look at. So, what's the "equation"? For our holiday gifts we all want something personal, unique, and one of a kind, yet we want it quickly with the click of a mouse, and we want it dropped at our door.

This is where Small Business Saturday truly comes into play. You have a choice when you make your holiday purchases or any purchase for that matter. You can shop locally or you can opt for a larger regional or national chain. Small Business Saturday simply encourages you to remember that the smaller business community is what makes your community what it is and what makes it different from any other village, town, city, or map dot.

It's our small businesses that provide the "personal, unique, and one of kind" that we seek. Fortunately, most of our locally owned businesses are online as well. So, as you move through your post-black Friday deals and steals, remember, small local businesses are offering similar savings and you might be able to pick your purchase up curbside too.

Another irony of Small Business Saturday is that it was created as a marketing idea by American Express. Yeah, the credit card company. The interesting part about that is that many small businesses cringe every time you pay with American Express because the company has some of the higher user fees among credit card companies.

Still, the idea of supporting the businesses that are the foundation of each individual community is a smart one. It's also an idea that we proudly embrace and support. When you can, please shop at a locally owned small business, even if you're online. Check and see if they don't have a website too.

One more thing, when you shop locally your money supports police, fire, road construction, drainage, all of the things that we want and need in our communities. When you shop away from home your hometown loses out, so while you consider your personal savings, please consider the cost to your community. I am sure you can find a balance that will feel perfect.

By the way, if you're a business owner and are not pleased with your website or you don't have one, please contact us at the radio station. We can connect you with a solid team of people we know very well who will create the site you want at a cost you can afford. 

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