For many retailers in Louisiana and around the nation the days leading up to November 8th, election day, were tense ones. People tend to hold on to their money when there is a new president being chosen. That meant that during the beginning of the all-important holiday shopping season cash registers were a lot quieter than the politicians were.

Since the election has come and gone and people in the state now have an idea of who will be leading the nation and representing the state in Congress the retail outlook for small business has improved greatly.

I think what you saw on November 8th was the election of a pro-business type feeling in America and at the federal government level across both the executive and legislative branches.

National Federation of Independent Business Louisiana Director Dawn Starns made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network. 

Since October plans by small businesses to create more jobs have risen from just 9%  to 23% in the weeks following the election. Starns suggests in her comments that many small business owners expressed feelings of frustration with government regulations.

Our members tell us federal taxes, regulations, Obamacare, they’re the biggest impediments for small business growing.

A recent survey of members of the NFIB indicates a growing optimism that the climate for businesses of all sizes will be improving.

It’s across the board, from everything from hiring, to borrowing, to expanding inventory. All those things are up, which is great for the economy.

As long as that optimism holds then chances are the business climate across Louisiana and across the nation will continue to get better. After all, what you think about you bring about.