I am guessing the National Federation of Independent Business did not ask actress Meryl Streep her opinion on soon to be President Donald Trump. There is obviously a world of difference between a highly paid actress and small business owners who have to work hard every day for considerably less money.

While Hollywood may not be pleased with the election of Mr. Trump, small business owners across the country and across Louisiana are looking at the Trump presidency as a good thing.

When they have that good feeling, that means they’re going to look at ways to invest whether it be capital outlay and expanding their business or creating new jobs.

Those are the comments made to the Louisiana Radio Network by Dawn Starns Louisiana's Director for the NFIB.

We asked our membership, how you feel about things going into the election and we asked them how they felt about things coming out of the election and there was a sharp increase then.

Starns suggested this survey means that small business optimism is way up. In fact, it's at its highest level since 2004. Starns says it’s because with Donald Trump in office and a Republican-controlled Congress business owners are anticipating better economic conditions.

A positive outlook from small business usually means an economic boost in big towns and small towns too. Only time will tell if this optimism will materialize into great things we are all hoping for.

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