Our noses know, they really do. But what about our brains makes us want to smell like a celebrity? Why do I want to smell like Tim McGraw or have my beloved smell like Faith Hill? How come some celebrity fragrances work and others become bargain basement collectibles? Antonio Banderas has a new scent for men available in finer stores, is he someone we need to smell like? I think fragrances should remind us good times, how many guys would love a girl that smells like hot wings? Or how many girls would want to snuggle with a man that smelled of sexy new shoes? Okay I'm strange, but if you were wondering what celebs do have something for your olfactory senses, we've got the goods right here.

An abundance of celebrity perfumes and fragrances are available on the market making competition fierce. Does a celebrity name add elegance or value to the scent? The added value to is in the name. Loyal fans are the best bet for sales receipts in the war of fragrances.

(via Top Celebrity Perfume - CELEBRITY FRAGRANCES.)

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