Most of the time we don't even notice the way our house smells. We get used to the basic odoriferous atmosphere that is our lair. It's only when visitors are coming or there is an unexpected incident with badly burned bacon on popcorn that we bring out the "smell good".

Around our house, we just use the stuff out of a can. It seems to work well enough to quell the stench or at least make the stench retreat to its source. Other people like to use what is known as essential oils.

Essential oils are "fragrances" that are distilled usually from natural sources. Many of these oils also allege to offer soothing side effects for those that choose to inhale their natural goodness.

The growing problem with these kinds of oils has to do with what they are beyond their fragrance. If these oils are ingested by children or pets these oils can become very deadly.

A recent increase in the use of essential oils in the home has prompted words of warning from the Louisiana Poison Control Center. They suggest that these oils be treated like any other poisonous substance in the home. The oils and their dispensers need to be placed out of reach of children and pets. This can be difficult if your oil dispenser is one that plugs into an electrical outlet.

The symptoms you can expect if a child has ingested an essential oil include a lot of mucus. A stomachache of varying degrees, some nausea may be included. There is also a potential for seizures. Regardless, if you feel your child has ingested one of these oils contact poison control immediately for precise advice on how to handle your specific situation.

The toll-free Emergency Number for Poison Control is: (800) 222-1222


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