We’ll take ‘Stories We Never Thought We’d Post’ for $1,000, Alex. Recently a pair of what are rumored to be Queen Elizabeth’s royal panties went up for auction on eBay. A mystery buyer has now purchased them and become the proud owner of the used skivvies.

We all know women and their generous male gift-givers will pay a handsome fee for unmentionables at Victoria’s Secret. What we didn’t know is that anyone would pay $18,000 for a pair of used undies left on a plane by a stodgy queen. In fact, we would have guessed that underwear from the band Queen would be more exciting than the actual queen’s drawers.

The story goes that the queen-sized panties were left on a private plane after Queen Elizabeth II took a state trip to Chile in 1968. At this point, and we won’t begin to ask why or how, they ended up in the possession of the now late “Baron” Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi. This “baron” was known as somewhat of a playboy who finished out his days in Miami, Florida. Typical.

Mister Dobronyi, for reasons known only to him (and perhaps a therapist of some kind) hung on to the imperial butthuggers, but made it clear that he wanted them auctioned off as royal memorabilia after he passed. After his death in 2010, his estate attempted to auction off the drawers through the same auction house that had auctioned off the undergarments of Queen Victoria in 2008. But, they became disenchanted with the house’s handling of the queen’s drawers and demanded them back.

The Dobronyi estate put the undies up for auction on eBay earlier this month and today, the auction ended. After 18 bids, some lucky bloke has become the owner of a pair of noble shorts for the low bid of $18,101. And, generously, shipping is free.

After this, all we can do is wonder what Kate Middleton’s panties would go for. Too bad we’re holding onto them UNTIL WE DIE.


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