Well this is just terrifying!

So, I saw this video earlier in the week, but noticed that it was from 2014. Then I kept seeing it pop up around social media and such, which made me think that it didn't get a lot of traction when it was posted, and people were just now learning about it. So, here we are!

A life-sized, realistic looking Jason Voorhees (from Friday the 13th) statue was placed toward the bottom of this popular diving lake in Minnesota. The statue is complete with disfigured face, hockey mask, and even chains holding him down to the bottom of the lake!

The video says it's at the bottom of Camp Crystal Lake (the lake from the movie), but upon further investigation, that lake and camp reside in New Jersey.

The thing that makes this scary is that the bottom of the lake is dark. Like really dark. The description in the video says that the statue lies at 120 feet down. The only way to see it is if you have a light while you're diving. So, imagine the first diver that came across this thing. Just swimming along, shining his or her light around taking a look at different things, and all of a sudden you see what looks like a person. As you get closer, you see that they're chained down! THEN you see the GD hockey mask!

I'm no diver, but I'm pretty sure you have to regulate how fast you surface...I don't think I would have made it having to surface slowly.

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