I spend a lot of time looking at the sky. I have always been fascinated by clouds, cloud development, showers, thunderstorms, and all the pretty colors that we can see during sunrise and sunset. I noticed on social media over the past few days many of my friends were commenting on just how "different" the sky has been looking over the past few days.

Part of that unique view is just Mother Nature and the Almighty doing what they do. However, in some parts of the state, those incredible sunsets might have been enhanced by a manmade contribution. That contribution comes in the form of a marsh fire.

Granted, we can't totally call this manmade because we don't know what started the fire. What we do know is that it is currently burning or smoldering on Monkey Island at the western end of Cameron Parish.

The fire part doesn't seem to be that great of a concern. After all, it's marshland so chances are the water will win out over the fire eventually. Plus today's forecast rains should put a damper on it as well.

But, you have to admit, if you've seen some spectacular sunset pictures on social media, especially from friends who live over toward Texas, well now you know.


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