Would you like your friends to WOW! the next time it's your turn to grill? Who knew that this old "dog" had such a cool new trick. The trick is called spiral slicing and I can tell you from personal experience it is the best way to grill hot dogs.

My experience with hot dogs on the grill is not a pleasant one. Hot dogs tend to roll around on the grill making an even char and even cooking impossible. With spiral slicing of the hot dogs a few minutes prep time before taking the dogs to the grill and you've made your life easier and better tasting.

Another advantage of the spiral cut is the way the spiraled meat holds condiments. If you like your dog dressed up you are going to love the way the goodness stays in the bun and doesn't squirt out all over you. Here's to Memorial Day cookouts and the beginning of the Summer season. Give this idea a try, it makes it fun for the kids and the odd shaped looking wieners will create some great conversations.