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Spongebob Squarepants is playing a joke on everyone who visits him at Universal Studios. If you've watched the Spongebob show on Nickelodeon you know he loves to have fun. It wasn't until today as I was sitting in my office staring at this picture that I realized that Spongebob has been laughing at me since 2005.

Take a look at the picture. It seems pretty innocent a smiling Spongebob next to a worn out father at an over crowded amusement park. Did you see the joke? Look closely at the picture, the background of the picture to be more specific. What do you see over my shoulder? Do you see the bubbles? What ever would cause bubbles in an underwater environment? That's right Spongebob is insinuating that I have passed gas while standing next to him.

If you have this same photo as a memory from your trip to Universal Studios check and see if Spongebob didn't play the same trick on you.

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