A bill that would place sports wagering on the ballot in Louisiana this November is headed to Governor John Bel Edwards' desk. Should the Governor sign the legislation, which he is expected to do, that would give voters in each of Louisiana's 64 Parishes a say so in whether or not they want that kind of activity happening in their parish.

Just to be clear, we won't have legalized sports wagering in Louisiana for at least another year or so even if the measure passes in the parish where you live later this fall. There are still a lot of loose ends that will need to be tied up before you and I can take LSU over Mississippi State and give up about 40 points.

Those loose ends include licensing, regulation, and of course tax structures. Since this is a money-making endeavor for the State of Louisiana, we have to get all that figured out before we can make it happen.

Destinations, where such wagers could happen, will also have to be determined as well. Will they be limited to the state's casinos? Will the wagering be limited to online only? Will there be other venues or even stand-alone sites where people could make a wager?  You can see, there are more questions than answers.

However, all of the forward momentum to keep gaming dollars in the state and out of Mississippi will be based on the Governor's decision to sign or not sign the measure.

Is it just me, or has the State of Louisiana started learning how to make money from the streets? Think about it, we, the state, are now interested in betting on sports. That activity has been happening illegally in our state since, forever. The state is also now in the business of selling marijuana too. That's been quite profitable on the down-low for decades too.

What's next? Do you think the powers that be in Baton Rouge will create a state-run prostitution operation? If they do then we, the taxpayers, should at least get paid every time a politician screws us over.


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