Anyone who listens to our radio station knows that we are huge supporters of St Jude Children's Research Hospital. Not only do we hold an annual radiothon to raise money for the hospital itself, but we also support local businesses and organizations who sponsor benefits for them as well. We are invested in their success and are always looking for ways to help out the kids and their families who are being treated at St Jude.

Hospital officials announced Tuesday that they are working on the largest expansion in their nearly 60-year history. The world-renowned hospital is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and has been treating children with cancer since actor Danny Thomas founded it in 1962. Funds for the $11.5 billion expansion will mostly come from donors, and will take place over 6 years.

According to a statement from St Jude, via WBRZ, the growth includes "expanded cancer-focused research and construction of an outpatient clinic and a new patient family housing facility. The expansion builds on a previous six-year, $7 billion project that resulted in an increase in new cancer patients and faculty, and a new advanced research center." If you ever wondered where the money you are donating to this amazing place is going to, this is part of it.

Plans will also include more research into why children’s cancers arise, how they spread and why they resist treatment. We are excited about the expansion, and the opportunity to help St Jude in their quest to end childhood cancer If you would like to make a donation to the hospital, you can do so here.



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