For anyone who doesn't want a speeding ticket raise your right foot and repeat after me, " I shouldn't push this accelerator down so hard". See, it's that simple. I wonder how much money I will be saving those of you with leadfoots in the coming weeks.

The reason I want you to take that "vow of not-so-fast" is because your tendency to travel above the posted speed in St. Landry Parish will soon affect your pocketbook. Sheriff Bobby Guidroz announced in a press release last night that officers in his department will be aggressively targeting speeders and others who violate traffic laws in the parish.

You might recall Sheriff Guidroz over the past several months has been dispatching speed monitoring trailers to various roadways around the parish. They've collected the data and they have a pretty good idea where motorists are playing fast and loose in regard to the posted speed.

Sheriff Guidroz also said his deputies will be cracking down on other traffic violations too. For example, those who operate ATVs, RTVs, dirtbikes, or other vehicles not authorized for street legal use will be ticketed as well.

The Sheriff says the crackdown is part of an overall plan to make St. Landry Parish roads safer for all citizens. The bottom line is simple. If you don't want a ticket, slow yourself down.


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