It was not a typical Monday in St. Martinville. Oh sure, the town council met and discussed the Mayor's transportation needs but that may have been the only normal thing that happened in the town on Monday.

Residents woke up to little or no water pressure yesterday. The reason. An issue at one of the city's water wells caused a drop in pressure. That allowed for the water tower to drain. That meant a boil advisory and school closings.

Today, things are a little closer to normal in St. Martinville. The water issue was repaired at about 10 AM on Monday. As of this report, there is still a boil advisory in place for residents of St. Martinville. We expect that boil advisory to be lifted later this morning.

Schools that were closed on Monday because of the water issue will have classes today. The Superintendent of St. Martin Parish Schools has told the media that the schools will have enough clean water for student consumption and that there will be enough water pressure in the system to operate the restrooms in the facilities.


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