The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office has confirmed that Sheriff Blaise Smith has been hospitalized due to an "as-yet-undetermined illness". There has been an outpouring of prayers and well-wishes from the Franklin and St. Mary Parish community.

Smith's popularity in such a small community makes him and his family close to many in the St. Mary Parish area. Most folks in St. Mary Parish consider Smith part of their own family. The news of the Sheriff's hospitalization has many concerned

According to the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Blaise Smith is "seeking in-patient medical evaluation and treatment at a medical facility at the present time".

Sending Prayers for Sheriff Blaise Smith. Wishing you a speedy recovery. -DeAnna H.

Praying for Blaise!! -Barbara Beard

Sending Prayers For Sheriff Blaise Smith And His Family. -Doris C.

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office reminds the St. Mary Parish area that the department is continuing to operate as normal "providing full-service law enforcement services".

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office has been staying in close contact with Smith's family and the medical facility for updates on the Sheriff's health and to continue communication with Smith himself so that the department runs as smoothly as possible in his absence.

A Facebook post from the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office claims the staff, "looks forward to his full recovery".

Sending lots of prayers for him, the medical staff and his family. -Chris Y.


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