Is this becoming a trend?

Another business in New Orleans is closing and they say that they are locking the doors due to an increase in crime.

The flagship Starbucks store located at Canal and St. Charles has announced that they are closing the location due to security concerns for their employees. reports that Starbucks has pledged to address security concerns for its employees and when things cannot be fixed, stores will close.

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Sadly, the company apparently feels that they can't fix the issue at this location and Starbucks feels like it is in the best interest of its employees to close this New Orleans property.

Other Starbucks locations in the city of New Orleans will remain open for now, but as crime surges, you can't help but question for how much longer.

Starbucks has closed a number of properties across the country due to security concerns, this store in New Orleans is not it's first to lock its doors---for good.

Many in New Orleans suggest that the surge in crime is directly related to fewer police officers on the street. reports that the mayor of New Orleans has not yet responded to this latest announcement.


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