Scattered and cluttered, it's how a lot of people living in South Louisiana probably feel right now. Hurricane Laura rolled through the state last Thursday and truly scattered the belongings of a lifetime for residents from Cameron Parish to southern Arkansas. Now those lives are cluttered with concerns over what happens next. Fortunately, the State of Louisiana is stepping in to offer a little clarity to the confusion.

The State has launched a "clearinghouse website" that basically has all the useful information and links residents of our state affected by the storm will need to begin and continue their road to recovery.

You may access that website right here.

If you're wanting to pass this information along to someone who has been affected by the storm tell them to search for I think you'll find this website does have some of the resources and reference material you need to make your recovery from the storm a little easier. Or, at least you won't have to spend so much time Googling where to go to find assistance.

The site offers links to FEMA assistance. It also has links to places where you may find vital services and food and water in the storm-ravaged areas. The site also provides updated information on recovery progress and any important changes that might affect you as you recover and rebuild from the storm.


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