The coronavirus pandemic has really allowed a lot of us to show our true colors. That's usually the case when we humans are put in situations that put us under duress. It's interesting to see how different people and different businesses have reacted.

While the pandemic has certainly created an atmosphere of "shop local" to ensure that homegrown businesses can survive the mitigation efforts and restrictions. There is one store that is a "local business" but it sure seems like it should be one of "those big box stores".

I am speaking of Stine Home and Yard.  Stine Home and Yard is a Louisiana owned and operated business and once again they are setting the standard, at least in my opinion, about how loyalty is a two-way street.

In the early days of the pandemic when only essential businesses were allowed to operate Stine Lumber offered each of its employees an additional $2 per hour for those who worked during the Stay-at-Home order.

Then the company announced that employees would be getting a "Pat-on-the-Back" payment for their loyalty and support of the company as the pandemic lingered into the summer months. Now, just in time for Christmas Stine is offering employees an additional "Pat-on-the-Back" payment.

Last week full-time associates received $250 and part-time associates received $125 as part of the plan. The company has paid more than $2 million dollars in "Pat-on-the-Back" payments during the course of the pandemic.

If you ask me it's a simple case of a great Louisiana business taking care of its great Louisiana employees and those employees returning the favor. That's how loyalty works.

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