It's safe to say by now we've established that most criminals aren't all that smart. Case in point comes out of Woodworth, Louisiana.

Louisiana wildlife agents say a stolen cellular game camera kept sending pictures, allowing them to identify the man who had it. Of course, he said he bought if from someone else.

Authorities didn't buy that story and that man along with the man he said he bought it from were arrested.

55-year-old Kurt Wiggins is accused of theft and 53-year-old Ernie Jenkins of possessing stolen items. Both men are from Woodworth.

Wildlife and Fisheries spokesman Adam Einch says a U.S. Department of Agriculture feral hog trapper reported on September 16 that his game camera, mount and battery pack were stolen from a trap site in the Kisatchie National Forest.

Agents with a search warrant found the items on September 19 at Jenkins' home. The camera was marked as U.S. government property.

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