We may not all agree on politics or sports, but one thing we can all agree on is the stomach virus is the worst!

Recently, I have seen so many ask on social media if a stomach virus is going around and when I see such posts, my assumption is that there is.

Being sick with a stomach virus in my opinion is the worst because often you have to let it just run its course.

However, when one gets sick in the house or classroom, others often do too.

So, what can you do to stop the spread if one person in your house becomes infected with a stomach virus? You can disinfect as much as you can and you can attempt to avoid contact with the person that is sick, but sometimes that is not enough.

My sister, who is a nurse, recently told me what she does when one of her kids gets sick with a stomach virus and she says this works when it comes to stopping the spread of it.

She says that as soon as you identify someone in your house with the stomach virus, everyone must stop eating and drinking liquids for 12 hours. And yes, you can survive on limited intakes for that period of time.


The reasoning is the stomach virus is only spread by intake, like when you put some form of contaminated object in your mouth or near your mouth.

For example, if the virus is on a spoon or bottle of water and you put it in/near your mouth, the virus is then in your body.

My sister says this is her practice at home and she swears that this "hack" works when it comes to stopping the spread.

Others in the medical field say that they too practice this in their own home and it seems to limit the number of those that may get infected or sick.

So, if the stomach virus is ever back in your home, which it will be, stop everyone from eating or drinking for 12 hours and see if this helps stop the spread of the virus. It may be worth the try.

If you have your own unique way in battling the spread of the stomach virus and seem to think it works, please feel free to share it with us in the comments section on social media that directed you to this story!

Good luck.


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