Stop me if you've heard this before. A strong cold front is poised to move through South Louisiana during the day today. The system will bring the threat of showers and thunderstorms to the area as it moves through. This was the exact scenario that we started last week with and I think we all remember how that ended.

The good news is that the bitterly cold arctic air that filled in behind last week's frontal system isn't behind this week's frontal system. In fact, the air mass behind this cold front is quite mild indeed.

There will be a threat of showers and strong storms during most of your morning commute. By the time you get settled in at the office and take your lunch break forecasters believe most of the heavier weather will have pushed off to the east.

Behind the front, a much milder week is in store for Acadiana. Milder, I should say more seasonable weather. The afternoon high-temperature today will reach about 70 degrees, for the rest of the week maximum temperatures will likely top out in the low 60-degree range.

We can expect quiet conditions all the way through Friday when another frontal system will bring yet another threat of rain. In the meantime, this week would be a great time to survey the frost and freeze damage of last week and start removing dead plants and making plans for their replacements.

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