Faced with the possibility of troop reductions and base cutbacks again the people of Vernon Parish and the surrounding area have responded. The United States Army is currently conducting surveys of its military installations. The surveys are being used to gauge public support for the bases by the local communities in which they are located. Again Fort Polk in Vernon Parish has lead the way with the most responses of any base included in the survey.

"This year, out of 30 bases, the Army received about 111,000 responses.  Of those, Fort Polk submitted about 34,000, which made us, once again, the most responsive base community in the country."

Fort Polk Progress spokesperson Michael Reese made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network when asked about how the Louisiana base was faring in the face of cutbacks.

This is not the first time that Fort Polk has been considered for substantial troop cutbacks. Just one year ago the base avoided cutbacks because of the overwhelming support of the local community. In last years round of troop cutbacks the facility only lost 250 troops.

This is just the first step in the troop reduction and reassignment process. The next step will consist of public hearings with officials from the Pentagon in the local community. Those hearing are expected to take place in March. According to reports the maximum number of troops that could be moved from the Vernon Parish base is 6500. That would be slightly over half of the bases current 11,000 personnel population.

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