Jessica Simpson is a beautiful girl, a girl who is sometimes portrayed as not very smart. She is very talented and seems to be a very giving person as celebrities go, yet still for all the good deeds and gorgeous looks if you were to ask people "Name a Stupid Celebrity" her name is bound to come up. If Jessica Simpson is stupid, I would love to be her kind of stupid. Her fashion line is about to break in to the BILLIONS of dollars category. Not bad for a gal who has trouble identifying tuna huh?

While Simpson’s line made about $750 million last year, ‘New York Magazine’ states the line is expected to increase by about 25% this year, states That means Simpson’s line will likely bring in at least $1 billion in 2011.

I think if you're blonde and have an ample bosom it just must be hard to be taken seriously. Yet Jessica, Kellie Pickler, Marilyn Monroe and countless other "bombshells" keep playing that stereotype right up to the cashiers window. Good for them!

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