There are pleasures in life that come with money. There are pleasures in life that come with time. However, the greatest pleasures are the ones that come with little to no money and involve time spent with your kids. Today's offbeat holiday is very special to me because it brings back some really cool memories of my Dad.


Today is Sugar Cookie Day: This is the day we celebrate one of simplest yet most versatile members of the cookie family. The sugar cookie was brought to this country by German settlers. In fact if you ever make it to Germanfest in Roberts Cove Louisiana you will find some of the most amazing sugar cookies you've ever tasted being sold.They call them Zucher Platzkens.

The sugar cookie is simple to make, the ingredients are sugar, butter, eggs, flour, vanilla, and a little baking soda. Whip those ingredients together and bake until golden brown. My Dad and I used to make these cookies together at Christmas time.

My Dad was a cotton research scientist and he wasn't at home when cotton was growing. However, he was always around in the winter months.

He and I had a system for every two we'd make, we'd get to eat one. During the mixing, stirring, and baking my Dad and I would visit. He was a masterful storyteller and rather humorous poet. He gave me my love of words and I think my sense of humor. I can take a quick trip back to being six years old in a warm cozy kitchen baking cookies with one of my life's greatest influences with a single bite. I hope you can celebrate today in a similar fashion.