The heat is on down south and we are all looking for ways to refresh.

One of my favorite ways to cool off or refresh after a long hot day is with an ice-cold watermelon.

As a kid, I always ate watermelon, but there was something special about the watermelon from a place called "Sugartown". And yes, that place really does exist in western Louisiana.

If you've ever had a watermelon from Sugartown, you already know how sweet there are and that they really do stand out amongst the rest.

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So, why are the Sugartown watermelons so sweet? What is it that makes them so great?

I asked a few friends and some farmers that question years ago, and like many who live in Sugartown, La., they say it's all about the soil in that part of the state.

The soil in and around Sugartown, La. contains much more sand in it than in other parts of the state, thus locals say that is what contributes to their juicy/sweet watermelons.

If you look closely, many are now selling "Sugartown Watermelons" on street corners and I'd encourage you to try one if you haven't.

I think you'll notice the difference between Sugartown watermelons versus any other one you may get elsewhere.


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