As we the people celebrate today in America we are reminded that there others around the globe that would seek to do us harm. Perhaps it's our way of life that bothers them so. Perhaps it is our unique and personal freedoms that is the source of their hatred. Perhaps it is their religious zeal that prevents them from believing in a peaceful existence on this Earth.

Early this morning in the Saudi Arabian capitol of Jeddah a suicide bomber detonated a device that appeared to be a suicide belt. The blast occurred roughly 33 feet from the wall of the United States Consulate in Jeddah.

According a report from CNN, security personnel observed a man that appeared to roaming aimlessly around a parking lot of major hospital. When police approached the man he detonated a device that was strapped to his body.

Saudi police searched the bombers car and found three other incendiary devices. Those devices were detonated by a robot operated by the Saudi Police bomb disposal unit.

The two police officers received minor injuries.The Saudi Press Agency reports there were bystanders in a nearby parking lot but none of them reported any injuries. Officials with the U.S. Consulate said that all personnel had been accounted for and no injuries were reported in the incident.