A Sulphur man will be making a trip to New York City next month to pitch his invention on the ABC reality show "Shark Tank."

Frank Cates, the owner of Frank's AC & Refrigeration, developed an invention that solves a problem he frequently comes across while working on air conditioners.

"I come across a lot of ACs with the drain lines plugged up due to algae and slime growth in the main drain line," Cates said in an interview with American Press newspaper.

Cates says this causes water to back-up and drip on the ceiling, creating damage that could be avoided.

His invention is called the Algae Eraser and according to a patent attorney he consulted, there is nothing on the market like it.

The system consists of a small pump with a tube attached that pushes any water to the drain plug on the indoor evaporator. There is a timer set to pump a cleaner into the unit for one minute every seven days to eliminate any algae buildup in the drain system.

Cates said he was contacted by Shark Tank businessman Kevin Harrington to pitch his idea. He is hoping for a licensing agreement.

We reached out to Cates to find out if he knew more about the process and when we could possibly see him on television. For now, all he knows is that he'll be pitching his product on March 6. Otherwise, he has very little information.

He does know, however, that he's excited to go to New York City, something he has never done.

"I'm nervous as crap to tell you the truth. It's going to be kind of like the Beverly Hillbillies, going to New York, you know," he told KPLC-TV out of Lake Charles. "But I believe I'll be alright. I believe in my product. I don't mind talking about it, so I think I'll be okay."



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