A summons was issued Sunday to Lawrence Mitchell, the husband of St. Martinville Mayor Melinda Mitchell. According to the summons Lawrence Mitchell is accused of criminal trespassing on city property.

Security video from the St. Martinville utility drive-thru payment facility showed Mitchell exiting his vehicle while in line. He allegedly tapped on the glass and yelled at the worker behind the window. The clerk was frightened enough by the incident to call the police.

The reason for the charges of criminal trespassing, in this case, stem from Lawrence Mitchell's previous run-ins with city employees. In fact, the city council passed a resolution several months back that forbid the Mayor's husband from being on city property for anything other than social events.

The reason for Mitchell's outburst in the utility payment drive-thru was alleged because he felt his water bill was higher than usual. Mitchell has also been accused of threatening a member of the city council and other city employees and violating a protective order. Mitchell was also captured on video yelling at a police officer last year.


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