Several residents of St. Martinville have seen the writing on the wall. As it stands right now, the ability for Mayor Melinda Mitchell to work with the St. Martinville City Council appears to be compromised. Supporters of the Mayor want the Council to agree to give the Mayor more power to govern and make the decisions she was elected to make.

In order for that to happen the St. Martinville City Council would need to pass the Lawrason Act. This act, if approved by the council, would give the Mayor veto authority as well as the power to hire and fire employees.

Supporters of the Mayor feel the Lawrason Act would allow Mayor Mitchell the power to do the job they elected her to do. As of now, the feeling among supporters of the Mayor, seems to be that whatever she attempts to do, the council attempts to block.

At least one member of the St. Martinville Council believes the Lawrason Act would not be good for St. Martinville. That member expressed a point of view that suggested St. Martinville's current form of government, a strong council, and weak mayor does not fit well into the guidance of the Lawrason Act.

This isn't the first time the Lawrason Act has been brought up before the St. Martinville Council. The act has been presented for action twice since Mitchell has been in office. Each time the act did not pass.

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