First things first, did you know there was a World Dog Surfing Championship? Neither did I but I have added that event to my bucket list. I love dogs and watching dogs surf seems like it would be a lot of fun.

Second, have you ever tried to surf? The closest I have ever come to surfing was riding a skate board or trying to pee in an airplane bathroom during extreme turbulence. Let's just say neither experience was the kind of experience that makes for happy memories.

So that brings me to this observation, how come there are dogs that can surf and I can't? Maybe it's the low center of gravity. Maybe it's the four paws instead of two feet. Maybe it's because they are willing to practice and don't look gross in a swimsuit. Regardless, this maneuver done by these two dogs is amazing.

Their surfboards actually collide. You can tell the crowd is really getting concerned but one of the pups makes the slickest and sickest move of the competition. He just jumps on the other dog's board like it's no big deal.

Way to hang twenty or is it sixteen?


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