Surveillance cameras are everywhere you turn these days in neighborhoods across the country. We have them to help protect our property and catch the bad guys. One family's security camera actually caught someone doing something good, like really good. The Vang family's camera caught an 18-year-old stranger returning a wallet with $1,500 in it. in San Antonio, Tx reports Melissa Vang was home with her two young children when she heard someone at the door. Thinking it was a solicitor, she didn't answer the door. Later, she checked the surveillance video and saw that it was actually 18-year-old Tyler Opdyke returning her husband's wallet containing $1,500 he had just found in their driveway.

Opdyke says he was passing out flyers in the neighborhood for StrikeZone Pest Control when he saw the wallet. About to be starting college, he says seeing all that money got him thinking, but knew he had to do the right thing.

The wallet had $1,500 in it from various family members for an event they were planning.

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