In Louisiana, we love our time outdoors. That's why Lousiana's State Parks are such popular places among residents and out of state guests as well. Despite how nice our park facilities are, they could always be better and your help is needed to secure funding for those improvements.

The Louisiana Office of State Parks is encouraging you and me to take a short online survey. The questions asked will help planners better identify the needs and wants of those who utilize these recreational spaces.

We are not just talking about nature walks and woodlands here. This survey is asking about swimming pools, outdoor spaces, better camping facilities, bike paths, equestrian trails, and a lot more than just a walk on the wild side.

The survey will be available online through the end of the year. The survey is tied to the state's requirement that the statewide comprehensive outdoor recreation plan is updated every five years.

It's only 23 questions and your answers will help our state park system secure more federal funding through grants for specific projects. Trust me, it takes just a minute to complete but your answers could affect a lifetime of enjoyment in Louisiana's great outdoors.

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