atlanta falcons

Who Dat Baby!
New Orleans Saints fan Mason Ginsberg was in Atlanta having dinner at The Nook when he realized he had a golden opportunity to troll his waitress about the Falcons monumental Superbowl meltdown. He creatively worked his tip in to his meal to create one of the best Who Dat moments I've seen in a…
Falcons Mardi Gras Float [Pic]
The people of New Orleans are known for many things, and creativity and a great sense of humor are included. As Mardi Gras kicks into high gear, one Krewe in New Orleans may have made the best float in the history of Mardi Gras...if you're Saints fan.
13 Atlanta Falcons Jokes
Today, we get the agony of having to watch the Atlanta Falcons play in the Super Bowl. Oh well, at least we'll have cold beer and great food. As our Falcons bashing will reach new heights as we watch the game, here are 30 Atlanta Falcons jokes to keep the hate going.

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