Acadiana Lanes Closing
With the announcement that Rock N' Bowl will be opening Downtown, the bowling scene in Lafayette is heating up. Acadiana Lanes has announced they will be closing in August, but it's a good thing.
Bruce’s Best Of Laser Cat Bowling [Video]
If you combine the natural curiosity of a cat with a laser pointer you will have loads of fun. If you take that combination of cat and laser pointer and set up some plastic cups you have a sport. Welcome to the world of Cat Laser Bowling.
Cat Bowling – You Know You Want To See It [Video]
Those who know bowling understand the point of the game is to hurl a very heavy ball down an oil covered wooden alley into 10 unsuspecting pins. Cat bowling is simliar except you don't use a ball or pins, you use a cat, a laser pointer and some empty soda pop cans.
Bowling 101
Don't you love when someone tells you that you're doing something completely wrong?  I say if it's working for you, stick with it!  If the granny-shot works for you, then do the darn "granny shot"....