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Diocese Reports Monsignor Robie Robichaux To Police
The Diocese of Lafayette has reported Monsignor Robichaux to New Iberia police, according to a  report from Jim Hummel of KATC. Robichaux has been on administrative leave since October. He's alleged to have sexually abused a 16 year old girl in the 1970's the accuser came forward abou…
Report Shows Lafayette Is The Most Catholic City In U.S.
A new report by the Barna Group shows Lafayette is the most Catholic city in America. That's right, we have a higher percentage of Catholics in Lafayette than even Boston and New York do with their huge Irish and Italian populations. There's a reason for the three famous Cajun questions of…
The Meaning Of Ash Wednesday
If you were raised in south Louisiana, the question, "did you get your ashes and what are you giving up?" is not at all strange to you. Nearly a third of the state's population is Catholic, and the majority of that number live south of Alexandria.

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