Opelousas Childhood Favorite Shuts Down
The credits finally ran out at the Opelousas Mr. Gatti's pizza location near the Park Vista neighborhood. This was the sign on the front door at the location earlier today. The photos were submitted by a KPEL listener. The same block in Opelousas has gone through a lot of changes in the last ye…
Hooters Opening New Chain Called 'Hoots'
Hooters just announced that they're opening a new chain called Hoots. It'll serve the same delicious food as Hooters but that food will be brought out by both male and female servers who aren't wearing revealing outfits.
IHOP Changes Logo
Our good friends at IHOP have had the same logo for some 20 years. A blue box with "IHOP" written in it, with a red curved banner underneath that says "RESTAURANT".

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